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I want to set up a wireless network in my house, which obviously will run at 2.4 GHz. BUT!! I also have these portable phones that run on 2.4 GHz. So..would they interfere? I'm guessing yes..but you never know. I don't wanna resort to wired networking..
I've personally never had any trouble with my setup (two comps with Linksys wifi cards, Linksys router/access point) and my cordless phone... i guess it probably depends on the brand/model of the wireless cards and maybe the phone.. i'm no expert on wireless networking though :)

Just a side note: keep in mind that wireless networks are not very secure at the moment... just another thing to consider when building your network :)
The only reason I would get a wireless network is because I don't want all these cables running around my room. Oh well, thats the price you pay for performance!
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