Odd speed problem behind a router

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This is from my last post moving to the next confusing problem.

My customer has 4 computers hooked up to his router. The customer recently got his line repaired and is hooked right up to his node directly outside his house. Going right to his modem he gets 60mb. Once he hooks up to his router all of his computers all get between 58mb to 61mb.

Here is the problem.

One of the computers is only getting 29mb to 36mb.

I have tried so much that its driving me nuts.

The computer is on windows 7 64bit.

The ethernet driver is a nvidia nforce networking controller.

It currently has the most recent driver, actually I have even found a win7 update.

I've swapped 4 different ethernet cables and get the same speed.

Ran a defrag, check the disk for errors, and looked for malware.

Cleared the startup and even attempted checking the speed in safe mode with no luck.

I'm lost... anyone have any ideas?
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