Odd network issue...


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I have a network of 21 computers where I work. Everything runs great, internet, programs etc. except for ONE PC. Its running WinXp Pro, Pentium 4 2ghz, 1GB ram.

Now, the issue is that our accountant is with loading Quickbooks, Mail Order Manager, or the internet. It takes five minutes to load QUickbooks, and about 2-4 minutes for M.O.M.(our ordering program). IE or even Firefox takes about 30 seconds to load. Question is, this ran perfect up until a week ago, and now things are SLOW. I did virus, spyware etc checks using Kaspersky and Spybot, all drivers etc are updated.

TCP settings seem fine and I can ping the network with no problem, however I am not sure WHY its going so slow. Nothing else ruins slow. The programs are being ran off the main server...the main server is running perfect...so I dunno?

Anyone have any idea??? If I forgot to mention anything lemme know I am running on lack of sleep @_@


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Check for WIndows Search 4.0 in the Add/Remove programs. They added it in a series of updates a few weeks back, and it kills the processor when it's running. The only thing I see to do is uninstall that worthless program and see if it fixes the problem. This may not be a problem for you, but it's worth looking into.