Odd files installed by windows update, anyone seen these?

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During windows update a bunch of files were installed in the file partition of my computer. I am surprised because I thought in updates everything would be installed in the operating system partition.
Has anyone seen files like these? At least I ASSUME they were installed during an update. Let me know if they seem suspicious to you

VC_RED (cabinet file)

I'm going to look on the internet too



I've found someone who found these odd files, I guess there are supposed to go in a drive other than C drive. But how is that, most computers only have a C drive?
Additional Sneaky Files [Archive] - PCDJ
The install.res.1038.dll is not a file from a Windows update. That is a infection. Also no Windows update file would have extensions like eula.103 as nothing could ever open it.

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Also i have the Visual C++ along with Visual Studio 2010 installed. So i dont get where they are saying that these are left overs from updates to them. Cause i have done updates to my C++ Libraries and not had this.
So you guess it is spyware? Jeez I take special precautions with this pc and still I get nailed?
I removed the files. When I removed an executable the dvd player popped open. Ugh, control over my op system?
i had a similar thing happen to me when i updated vista a program that claimed to be Microsoft defender wanted me to give me credit card details in order to up date it. also it took control of my p.c until i discnected from the net. it also would not let me use Internet explorer or FireFox.
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