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Hey guys, I recently bought the NZXT zero case and I am having trouble out of the front (side really) USB ports. There side ports are as follows from top to bottom, Firewire (ie9994), Spk in, Spk out, USB, USB. All of the ports were fine and are hooked correctly to the mobo; however, the bottom USB port "is not recognized by windows."

When I plug devices in to the bottom USB they light up so I know they are getting power, I just get the windows messeage "device not recognized." I have also tried plugging my USB cables on to each of the 3 allowed USB headers on the mobo.

NZXT has convienently bundled the two USB cable together into a single pluggable block so that its less likely you'll put the cables in the wrong slot. So I'm going to be unable to remove any cables or replace any.

Am I just short 1 usb port or is there any hope?