nvidia winxp memory problem

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Need major help!!!!!!!! I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas on why windows xp pro does not see all 64mb it sees only 32mb,of my nvidia geforce2 mx200 agp card but windows 98SE does. I have all current drivers and tried most earlier drivers and I do have everything set to 4x agp. Here is my systemÂ’s specs:
Ep-8kha+ VIA Kt266a bios 5/29/02
Via 4-in-1 – 4.39 beta
Amd agp driver 5.33 beta
Directx 9.0 beta patched
Amd Athon XP 1700+ 266FSB
256mb ddr pc2100
Samsung 60gb + WD 40gb
Acer 12x8x32 CDRW rev 9.cb
Compaq 32x CD rev 1.03
3Com 10/100 nic card
Sound Blaster Live Value driver-rev2 11/29/01
Nvidia Geforce2 MX200 64mb AGP –
Rev 29.60 beta, Bios
Win XP Pro build 2600
Amd agp driver 5.33 beta
Directx 9.0 beta patched
Rev 29.60 beta, Bios

I'd be willing to blame it on any one of these three culprits.
One beta can be bad enough, but three is asking for trouble
the lack of memory was there before i put the beta drivers in, i was triing anything i could to get it to see all 64 and my last driver attempt was all the betas one at a time and still no difference. directx8.1 agp 5.30,and 29.42 all do the same effect just 32 mbs.
You also shouldn't need the 4 in 1's for xp.

And why on earth do you have an amd agp driver installed? You are using a via chipset.

I'd also stick to dx 8.1 and the 29.42's or even the 23.11's since your card doesn't need anything better.

just as an fyi i finally figured it out. if any one cares here was what was wrong.

windows xp detected it as a geforce2 mx//mx400 with 32 mb of ram, but windows 98se saw it as a geforce2 mx 100/200 w/64mb. what i did was installed a geforce2 mx 100/200 driver for windows 2000 and it sees all the memeory in xp now. i thought it was kinda wierd but it worked. so thanks everyone who help.
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