NVidia GeForce MX 4000/FX 5200

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wow its kinda weird coming here with a problem, usually i solve other peoples problems, but not this time. I have a nVidia GeForce mx 4000 that i bought from walmart , but the os says fx 5200. its been in my pc for about 2 months now, but about an hour ago, i was listening to music when the pc froze, and the monitor connected to my nvidia went blank. i also have onboard graphics connected to another monitor, but its never caused problems. well neways when the pc froze the monitor went blank. when i restarted it, i got no video on both monitors, and i cant get in to bios. i took the card out and put it in another pc, and i got a novideo triple beep(one long, 2 shorts). it sounds like the card fried to me, but im never in my case, and nothings flopping around in there neways. do you think the warranty will cover this? (its been under 90 days since purchasce from walmart, and its got a 2 year from 3D FUZION. im writing from the pc right now, so everything else is still good, but the card is bad. it never overheated, i never overclocked, pretty much just got it cause i wanted to play halo....but i havent played it in over a month(beat it) and just use this for email and stuff taking full advantage of dual monitors. think the waranty will consider it a hardware defect on the card? the requirements on the card are:
(recommended, then wat i got)
cpu : 500 mhz+ (1.0 ghz)
ram: 128 mb+ (256 mb)
os: xp sp1 (sp sp2)
ps: 250 + (350)

update: i put another card in, and got blank display, so i pullad a ram chip, and it worked. so i put the nvidia in, and nothing, win dont detect card, nor does bios.
dude i have tried everything. default cmos, pull battery, reset cmos, diff pci slot, diff ram, pull everything but c, processor, 128 of ram, and the vid card, disable onboard, disable everything that i dont need, nothing. i sent an email to nvidia, they said they would get back to me tomorrow. if u ask me, i think the processor went out. heres the message i sent to nvidia:

I purchaced a 3d Fuzion GeForce MX 4000 about two months ago from walmart and installed it using dual monitors with the onboard and the nvidia card. about two hours ago i was listening to music, when the computer froze, and the monitor connected to the nvidia went black. when i restarted, the bios didnt detect the nvidia nor did xp. my computer meets all the requirements for the card, but it just stopped functioning. i can hear the fan on it, but there is no video. i have the most recent updated drivers, and have tried the add hardware wizard to no avail. i never overclocked the card, and only used it for light gaming, and video playback. also since i got the card, 1024 * 768 60 hz there were blue dots at the bottom of the screen by the taskbar on the nvidia, and when shutting down/starting up, there was a verticle purple line in the bottom right. also windows detects it as a fx 5200, and the software that came with it says the same, as does a label on the card. the model number of the card is 3dfr4000p

hope they'll take it as a hardware defect
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