nvidia geforce 210, checking nvram freeze

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just recently purchased an nvidia xfx geforce 210 graphics card...installed it and my computer will go past the motherboard logon screen i can enter bios but it will get to a point where it says checking nvram...status ok! and then freeze. sometimes it will freeze before it says status ok it will freeze at checking nvram then nothing else happens. my computer is an alhena gl6 motherboard made by hp. i have 2 gigs of ram. intel celeron processor 3.2 ghz. at first i thought it was my power supply because i only had a 300watt supply but now i have a 450 watt supply in and still no luck. the minimum required for the card is a 350 watt supply so i should have plenty with a 450. the computer meets all requirements for this card it just wont work!! i just put this computer together and i had a really old crappy 16mb video card i was using in it before i bought a good one to make sure everything functioned properly..pc works great with the old crappy nvidia 16mb card but the new card wont boot windows...any ideas?
PCI-E slot might be wrecked, but if the other card works fine then that's not it. Might need a bios update, though that might be kinda hard with a random motherboard like that, or maybe its a bad card.
motherboard is actually a ECS RC410-M. alhena gl6 is the compaq name. i dont think the slot is bad because the card wouldnt work at all if that was the case it seems. the card is brand new i just purchased it off tiger direct but i guess it could still be bad.
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