NVIDIA Drivers.


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Hey all, i have really big problem that i cant solve by myself.
As you know now nvidia geforce drivers are really bad and they downgrade fps.
I tried install 411 drivers 398 and older version of 417 driver.
The drivers seems to show really good performance of gameplay are really better then with a new driver of nvidia.
But the driver works not more then a 10 minutes after this time the computer dont recognize driver or something.. Because then i try to open a game it says your video card dont support game.
Before installing a driver i used DDU. I tried restarting pc many time. i used clean installation of driver.
I really need help because on game like rust i have like 20fps on lowest settings i know my pc should perform better.
My computer is: Lenovo legion i7770hq 1060gtx 6gb 8gb of ram and 2tb hdd and 120 ssd.


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That sound like an unusual problem you're having. I suspect heat problems and your CPU was throttling down. You may want to check your cooling system for dust or fan going bad.


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20fps on lowest setting on your computer is too low no matter what game it is unless maybe you're playing at 4K in some heavy games or something.

I suggest running a system monitoring software to see if something is not boosting right. It could be the video card stuck at lowest core clock speed. That's for the performance. Something like MSI Afterburner with major parts monitored specially CPU usage and GPU usage and core speed. Play a game for a while then check the reading. They will clear many points up.

As for the hardware recognition, something internal seems off. Try resitting the video card and the power cables. If your Windows is too old and dodgy and nothing important in it, format it to make sure the software part is running fine. Even I had to reformat when I added another card for SLI to clear one annoying problem.