Nvidia Display gone?


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check in the main page of the control pannel. If your not in it, switch to classic view. If you sould see the NVIDIA control pannel. that will lead ya to your temps and clock.

Ronco Rox

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i think its the updated drivers. because when i had my 6500 it came with the default drivers and i remember seeing more that i could use on the control panel. but once i installed the 93.81 or whatever driver it is, they didn't show it anymore. kinda stupid if you ask me.


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yah i did. The drivers the card came with I could see my clock speeds and temp and stuff.. now i cant. Is it the new drivers?. If so i will just install the old ones again..


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yes i did. I have the nview desktop manager now. But i still cant controls my clock speed or see my gpu temp. :/