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Lets say I have two virtually identical Processors that only have one difference

One is Dual Core, one is Quad-Core

I'm a newbie, so tell me: Is the quad-core... twice as good as the dual core given the circumstances? Or is that a bad misconception.


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Depends on many things. There are some mega duals and some terrible quads. For example, the Core 2 Duo and the Athlon X4.

Two processors are never virtually identical unless they are exactly the same model. There are alot of variables (e.g. core frequency, number of threads as compared to number of cores, efficiency of architecture, thermal properties) that affect how 'good' a processor it. Besides that, most programs aren't optimised for Quad-core chips anyway; in those circumstances the dual will be as good if not better.


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I most prefer Dual Core for me because I do only one thing at a time, and generally don't listen to music that much. However, if you have three things going at the same time, Go Dual Core. It's just that simple. It should be pointed out that the Quad Core is capable of devoting two cores to the same task, if necessary, so I suppose a Quad Core would work for me. Dual Core is becoming so Pentium III, out-dated, and no longer needed.