NTLDR boot problem


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I think this has something to do with Windows XP so i hope im in the right forum. The problem: I'll be in the middle of doing something and my computer just restarts out of no where and then says ntldr boot error or missing or something like that. Is this an OS problem or is my harddrive failing. I just got it so i hope not. Any suggestsions are helpful thanks.

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
It sounds like you used W2K or WinXP to format the drives. I would use the win xp cd that has the driver's on it, and bootup with it, then do option 1 to clear the hhd and format it, reboot then use option 2 for a restore. This should take care of it.

If it won't boot from the cd, make shure in bios, you have the boot order :
1) cd tray
2) hhd
3) floppy