Novell login errors


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Frist of all, let me explain how this server works. In order to logon and use the internet, you have to have the workstation only box deselected, but you can still logon on without the internet by having the box selected.

workstation only-no internet

Now I have administaor rights, but I have to log on with the worksation only box deselected. This is where I run into problems. When I deselect the workstation only box and enter a new user name(in this case admin), and error message pops up that is titled "LgnCxW32" and reads "LDAP Error 91 in ldap_simple_bind_s" then on the line under that it reads "Can't connect to the LDAP server"

How can I stop this message from occuring so I can logon as an admin with workstation only deselected?

Do these prefrences have to be set server side or should I be able to edit them on my workstation computer? I have full access to the files in novell...

Any help is appreciated!


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It's been a while since I used Novell, 6.5 was the last one I used.
I did a quick search, not sure if you seen this page or not, but here is the link:Click Here

Hope that helps... :)