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Hey guys, I am looking for a good notebook PC for under 1000 dollars, because I am using my own money to buy it I cant spend a ton of money. I have a long time until I will have enough money to buy it so I want to find the perfect one, if you guys know somethign that would be appealing to me please be sure to post a link so I can check it out. Thanks, also if you would like to know specifically what I am looking for in my PC just say so and I will add that when I have time.


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You probably did. Just that I dont trust any of those name brand products. The just plain arent as fast.

All I know is you can get a faster product from them for a cheaper price.

If I was forced to go with a name brand I would choose a toshiba model. They make the best laptops over all the other name brand makers.


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ariox if you want toshiba you ar wrong because toshiba have cheap ones but not pentium they are celeron and athlon


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airiox, you know why its cheaper because the hardware is cheaper; and with junk for hardware you are going to have junk for a computer.


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Their hardware is actually all name brand. But still they could still screw things up. I havent really researched the company though. So maybe I shouldnt be recommending them. EH?


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well IBM has solid laptops that are pretty nominally priced and last a long time... had one 97 model last up untill 2 months ago!! it died and wouldnt power on and parts would be too hard to find. also batteries were dead... literrally wouldnt hold a charge... and APCs the only co that has them and they are 250 bucks!!