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Heyloo. Yep this is my first official post haha and I'm pretty sure this is completely in the wrong section... but I can't figure out what other section it would fall under. So basically I want to buy a notebook and I needed some help on which one to buy : ). I think this post might be long cause I have a lot of questions about it and anybody who gives me some help or even their opinion gets a star next to their name!

So I was doing research and basically 2 notebooks caught my eye
the sony vaio s480
and the asus s5a

first question is about the sony vaio and basically... i can't tell any freaking difference between the 480 and the 380 ( in case you were wondering ;D) except that the 480's cheaper. Also... I knoe the gfx card is a 6200 but when my roommate bought it couple months ago it was an ati mobility 9700... so basically it got downgraded and i have no clue why they would do that.

Now then for the asus (found at this is basically a really sleek laptop at like 3 pounds... and the only problem i see w/ that is basically the gfx card since it's an integrated 855gm. And I dunno if you guys know anything about this... but I was looking around at another site ( they listed the chipset to be 915gm which has 128 mb of shared memory. And I can't tell if this is just an error or if they really do offer this chipset.

I don't really know much about hardware... and I like playing games... i was just curious about how well integrated gfx cards can handle games.. and if 6200 is enough to run like cs source or doom 3 well. Or if you guys knoe any websites where you can like completely customize a laptop that would be great. or any recommendations for laptops... basically laptops that are under 13.3 inches and under $2000 : ) thanks a lot to the ppl that actually made it through my post
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