Notebook for Gaming?

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I got a HP laptop with:
AMD-M 1800
DDR2100 256MB
ATI 7000 IGP
30GB hard drive

is there anything that i can upgrade so that i can play games with decent fps, the video cards in most laptops can't b upgraded which really sucks..will it b better to put 2X DDR2100 512MB and/or cpu like AMD-M 2600?


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The problem with laptops as gaming pcs is that the LCD monitors on them typically have a low response time (16-30 milliseconds where CRT montiors have response times in the nanoseconds) which causes a ghosting effect. If you're playing games that require high FPS (racing, 1st person shooters, etc) then a laptop is not a very good choice...

For me acceptable repsonse times on LCDs start at about 12ms... my new monitors have an 8ms time and the ghosting is unnoticable almost all the time.
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