not sure what's wrong, but computer problem


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OK, my hard drive was messed up, and I took it in to get it fixed and i wanted to get some more drive space anyways. I think the tech person added another hard drive and another OS to the new drive, because I recently found out that my original must've been really screwed over. I couldn't restore all my software and settings, etc (serial codes, all that) So i tried to boot to my other drive, but couldn't. the blue screen came up and told me to remove any new hard drives i might've installed, properly configure, etc. So i tried to modify the Path statement to "force" it to boot from C: (The original drive) but now the same blue screen message comes again, and i can't boot whatsoever. If anybody got this far in the message, please help. I've got XP on both. Yes i tried the BIOS.