Not enough power????


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my computer stats are on the bottom so i'm a bit lazy to post it.

anyways i've got a 4400+ and got it to 2.6ghz vcore at 1.465 on a 1:1 divider
(the max for the chipset voltage was 1.6 and defult is 1.5)
and i have a 430w antec truepower

thing is it's doing great with orthos but when i turn on winamp and my speakers (CA 2.1 system) when stressing orthos stops on me???? this a power problem i'm facing???? it's kinda strange since it always happens when i turn on music.

btw i'm getting 56 C for the cores when it's in load but the actual chip is a temp that high for cores safe??? thanks

P.S orthos is the duel core sp2003