Not able to get on XBOX online

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I ahve an Xbox 360 elite, and I was using online, just fine. I was using my airport without a password to get onto it. Though recently my brother decided to make a unilateral decision to put a password on our airport, even though it was working perfectly. Now I can't get onto Xbox online, it won't accept the password, I can see my airport on the list, but it won't accept my password. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also if you need any more info, just tell me what to do to get it, and I will gladly do so. Thanks a lot.
Yes I am sure that I am typing my password in correctly. I've typed it in many times, and it still doesn't let me access it.
Is it a hexadecimal password? If so you may be confusing the letter O with the number 0.

Did your brother accidentally turn MAC address filtering on?
It might be, it says just WEP password, not the wep10 or anything. Do you know how I would find that out. He might have done so, do you know where I can check that? Thanks for the help so far
If the password is in hex it would only use characters from 0-9 and A-F. If the password is in hex you may be confusing #0 with the letter O. Ask your brother if the password is in hex.
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