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hi all, ok i have nortons antivirus right now, but its due to expire, and i want to know what is better then nortons , and possibly free on the net. i dont want to buy anti virus program at this moment, and if there is one on the web that is free, that is as good, please advise , thank you . :)
I'm with Ecniv....AVG is a good one and as efficient as Norton Antivirus...there are two versions of it-->the free one and the paid one .
BUt both are good the difference is that for the free one we have to download the updates and virus definitions ourselves and does not include other sevices and the paid one has some services to offer.
well if ur wondering because u dont want 2 pay for the extended subscription update thing through norten usually u should be able just 2 reinstall the cd and ur account will start oover again always works 4 me :D hehe
Ya got my vote on AVG too,,

I am glad that so many are happy with it!,, I have been trying to tell people the same thing,,

the updates are just something ya gotta do,, no biggie if the price tag is right and the product effective

ok thank you all , but how and when and where do i get the updates? does it let u know when u need the updates? and where to get them, thank all so much , this has been helpfull . :)
Or to do it the easier do the following...using Update Manager ------>go to Program, Control Center, Update Manager), where you need to just push Update now! button and AVG will perform whole update on its own.
got AVG!!!!!!

thanx all!!!!! i have uninstalled my old nortons and installed the free AVG, and it works great!! and also it updates for u automaticly if u chose that option, so thats even better, a question , i scaned my c drive and with AVG it only took 14 min, and with nortons it took almost a hour, and my pc boots up quicker now, is nortons slower at scanning or more thorough?:)
i think it is more thorough cuz when i used avg it only scanned like 10,000 files and norton scans like 50,000 files. that would explain why it scans faster.
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