noob here, want to upgrade my dell


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i have a dell dimension 3000 and i'm thinking about upgrading it.

can you guys help me out with brand suggestions and options?

current pc specs:

p4 2.8ghz
40gb hdd
cd-rw 48x
dvd-rom 16x
512mb ram (256 x2)

i primaraly use it for adobe photoshop cs2 photo editing & multimedia purposes.

i'm aware there is no agp slot for any hardcore video card, but i'm ok with it since i don't plan on playing any video games.

i basically want my computer to run smoothly, having programs start up faster, without it slowing down when other applications are running. (photoshop cs2 seems to lag at times)

i also want to either store more things on my pc via a second hdd (looks like im going to need another mount) or dvd-rw drive and burn everything onto media discs.

i have about a 300.00 budget, and plan on getting everything via or tiger direct or some other sites.

so how should i go about when upgrading my pc?

i have no idea which parts are compatible with my dell dimension 3000 (ram pin compatibility etc) so wondering if you guys can help. thanks.


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maybe another stick of 512 ram in their, that should be around $100, and you might want to look into another harddrive because photoshop files can get pretty big, added with all the other stuffers on your computer.

(I was talking about an external harddrive, because to me it looks like you can't fit another one inside, no biggy.)


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There some pretty good cards with PCI interface ;)

*EDIT* to find out more info on your system (PIN and stuff) download a program called Everest i dont have a link but google i and you should find it ;)


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Just spend 160 on a new 250gb hdd Load windows on the new one and all your programs. Then stick another 512 ram in there for 100 bucks. Do by chance know your mobo specs? name make? if you dont Download either Everest, or CPU-Z and it should tell you your specs on your mother board and the ram type I think its going to be PC133. Check how many ram slots you have. You could Easly get a new hdd and 1gb ram. Ill show you Newegg HDD. But i dont know ram so i wont be able to help unless you post some Hadware Specs. Ill search for it to.

Looks like this is your system

2X DIMM slots

Looks like your going to have to buy two 512mb sticks. Still thats about 200 but you could buy the value stuff. Get it realy cheap.

HDD $117 WD Caviar. Sweet Drive 250GB all the space you will need.

If PC 133 i would get this 75.66 X2

Total 268.32 and you have money for Shipping.


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thanks for the replies.

took some shots at the info you guys were looking for from the program:

ram info:

mobo info:

after browsing through i was thinking of getting the following for my pc unless you guys recommend something else:
dvd-rw drive:

seems to fit my budget perfectly.

not sure how to install a second hdd as you can see.. i circled parts where it looks like a second bay can be screwed or hooked onto. not entirely sure..

anyone with a solution?

if not then an external hdd would be the next best thing. any recommendations? something quiet yet reliable and cheap (less than 140ish)

thanks again


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I would strongly suggest to get a second drive and to cure that lag problem getting that system in to another case. You can do this and stay in budget. A plain jane case will do for that if you don't mind how it looks. The reason I suggest this is due to the way dell has the cooling set up in that case. As you know the cpu is cooled throught a ductwork to a fan in the back of the case. For a p4 this is not the smartest way to do it. The rest of the equipment in the case gets very little air flow as the fan(s) in the power supply draw out the rest. If you move the motherboard to a new case get one that has a good fan in the back and provisions for installing fans in the front. Whatever fan holes you don't use some duct tape will work fine to close them up. Now in a real case you have room for extra drives. Only thing you will have to do is get a cpu fan since the ductwork/blower system won't be in that new case.
A case can run as cheap as $25.00, a couple of case fan $5.00 each, a cpu fan $8.00-20.00, roll of duct tape $3.00 (lol, holds the world together). But seriously you can get a bead on that lag problem as being caused by poor and I really mean poor cooling of the cpu chip.