Non AMD-Intel Processors


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The only one I know of is via. Speaking of, are via processors any good? I don't know really anything about them and was just curious.


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istonian said:
Any one know of a processor that is not made by AMD or Intel? Just wondering.
VIA which makes the C3 processors, ultra low voltage designed for mobile applications. These are X86 processors that run windows.

IBM / Motorola which makes the PowerPC processor, was very popular in macs but now apple has switched. It's also a RISC based processor.

Motorola which is a large manufacturer of modern RISC processors

ARM processors, popular for low price network equipment, and they are RISC based. These are currently the worlds most popular processor becuase they are used in most electronics (Phones, cameras, PDA's etc). Intel, Freescale ,Renas and Conexant make these. These don't run windows but virtually any other OS runs on these.

NEC, Toshiba and Broadcom make MIPS processors, which are an ARM based processor thats really popular for network equipment, specialized computers and ATM's and crap

SPARC processors which are a low speed RISC based processor developed by sun. Solaris is the only OS that runs on them.


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Don't forget Transmeta. They're similar to VIA in that they make low-power processors.


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Other CPUS? No problem I got them. There's the VIA C7 series, which are the highest. The C3s are the lower end. The Eden are nice also. If you want powerful stuff, the C7 CPUs are there, but they're not as powerful as the others, but you could power a mini-ITX with a 65W PSU!

Another CPU would be the Transmeta Crusoe series. Those CPUs are in the C3 range.

Before that, the old Cyrix are there and in the new range, the IBM PowerPC CPUs are the latest for a G5.