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Mike V

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My fan on my Celeron processor is intermittantly noisy and then the noise just stops. I blew it out with compressed air but it still makes noise from time to time. Is there a way to lube these fans like case fans or do I have to replace it?


Its probably a problem with the bearings, I think it would be cheaper and easier to just replace it.
Yah, the best and easiest thing to do is just get a new one. They're not that expensive Mike.
Thanks everyone.

I have seen them at for something like $6 so they shouldn't be that much more expensive at the local computer store here.

I had the same problem and with my Volcano 9 it was simply the Aluminum face plate rattling.
Update on the noise

Well don't you know it, I went out in the rain to two different places, found a new processor fan for $5.99, brought it home, put it on, and it still made noise because it isn't the processor fan! :mad:

The noise was the small fan on the new MSI G4MX440 video card I just put in a few weeks back. I sprayed it with some compressed air while it was running and the noise stopped.

I hope that dust was the only problem causing the noise because I don't know if you can replace those little video card fans can you? :confused:

yea you can, places online sell em. Never had to though, and I dont remmeber the links where I found em.
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