noisy fan, what is the clicking noise


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i'm trying to figure out what's going with my laptop. the fan was noisy, and it used to click periodically (like it was overheating?)

so i thought to clean it. it didn't look dirty, but i cleaned it anyway, and put new thermal stuff between cpu and heatsink, put it back together....the fan still runs noisy after a bit (5mins or so?), and so hot it seems.

i'm thinking to get a new fan next, but does someone know what the clicking noise is, is it indeed overheating?


If it's a laptop there might be settings that help you save battery, try these and the fan won't have to work so hard.


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Mine does that too. It'll be quiet and then run at max at idle. Laptops have a tendency to overheat, so it's no surprise most get hot doing nothing to begin with. It's just the fan going up in speed.