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Today I had an assembly in my high school, and it was for all of the grades (each grade had their specified time to show up). The assembly was rumored to be about bullying, so naturally I expected a lecture of some sort from the Administration, but I was suprized with something else.

A skit of some sort including music, dancing, and acting integrated by several actors and actresses explained the message that every highschool student should recieve. For once in my life I saw that the entire auditorium was completely quiet (with well over 700 kids in each showing). We all watched with great interest, and we all recieved the wonderful message from the skit, and then the closing statement from the owner of the organization, known as Dan Burd.

It appears that this group does in fact travel across the country and does shows constantly in many highschools. (They also do the show in some theaters close to the schools they travel to, if their stay is more than one day)

Anyway, I'll explain the skit a bit more for those of you interested in the message..

Throughout the entire presentation, you see one student that remains nameless throughout the entire thing, being bullied by ultimately everyone. Hes a very quiet character, and says ultimately nothing to the students, but he is the biggest victim IMO.

There is another student, Amber, that is a new student to the high school. It is her first day, and she does her attempt in trying to fit in with the many groups of the school (Cheerleaders, goths, punks, gangsters, ect.) and fails to do so because shes simply trying to be someone that she is not and the groups give her problems as well.

Another student known as the 'popular kid' is a basketball player that makes fun of the other two students (the unpopular kids), and at one point actually expresses a problem that he has with trying to fulfill all the titles he feels he needs to fulfill. Its revealed later that he was a child who was made fun of as a young child, and basically that was his only chance to fit in.. to try to be the best basketball player and fill all of the titles people made for him.

And the other character that shined in my own interest was one of the cheerleaders. She appears to be the head cheerleader, and by first glance you'd think her life was amazing.. or the best it could be. The truth is her mother faces alcoholism and refuses help. She doesn't want to tell anyone that she does in fact have a problem at home, and ignores it just fulfilling again that title given to her.. and therefore finding the need to take it out on others to raise her own self up higher.

And in my opion, the hero of the story in a sort of corny way is the Janitor. The Janitor attempts to give everyone advice.. the nerds, the jocks, ect. He kind of is the one who makes the message clear to the crowd that everyones life isn't the same.. and you really don't always know who you may be insulting when you do. He becomes the hero later on.. but I won't give that part away.

The skit overall discusses so many issues, and in the end, you really recieve a message that will remain with you forever.

At the end of the skit, Dan Burd comes out explaining the effect that your words have on people. Words remain with a person forever, regardless if you take them seriously anymore or not. Proof of this is, if you were bullied as I was most of your life, try remembering the words that people called you.
If your like me, you'll have no problem remembering those words at all. They may not be so hurtful now, but then they were, and the fact is the memory of that hurt will always be there.

The message is that your words have the ability of life and death. When you make that choice, your choice effects not only yourself, but ultimately the person you say your words to or about. To hurt someone may cost you nothing, but in some cases, it may cost someone their life. Just remember that next time you have intentions to say something about someone.

And the next time you see someone being bullied, step in and say something. It will cost you something to do that.. but the fact is its going to cost you alot less to do that than to be another victim of some misplaced anger resulting in violence as several school shootings have, or to see another teen suicide.

The message therefore ends with, let there be no more victims.

For those of you interested in more information, here is the AllAccessNY Page:

And here is their myspace page which has a nice trailer on there: