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Is there any company that builds large screen TVs, that dont have any sound systems or speakers built in, nor any tuning for channels etc?
I think itd be a good idea for someone to produce a cheaper TV like this, as a large proportion of people use a VCR for tuning and stereos for the sound, and these features arent needed in a TV.
Maybe it could have many video inputs in the back and simple switching between them....
That's an excellent idea:) The less toys on something, the lesser chance it will break down before it's time too. It wouldn't make a company much money though :( Never heard of anyone offfering that type of product yet...
Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would ya wanna get rid of BUTTONS???

BUTTONS RULE!!!!!!!!!!
Theres already enough buttons on the stereo and video remotes. You dont need them replicated on the telly remote. :)
i agree with guy. You need all those usless gadgets on tvs so that you can brag to all your friends about having the best tv with the 50 features that you will never use in your life
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