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I have windows xp home edition on my pc and windows xp pro on my lap top. I have them network togther through a router. The problem is when I try to access the lap top i have to log in and cannot acess. But from the lap top, I can access the pc, without logging in. What do I do. I'm just lraening networking and using Windows XP.

Hola Maddaug,

I would say to check that the machines are in the same workgroup, further are both machines FAT32 or NTFS?

Look into the permissions that you have granted your home edition install to access the Pro install,, ensure that when providing permissions that you check off any boxes that ask to apply security settings to subfolders/Child folders,,

Plus , check the TCP/IP addressing, you might not have the machines in the same neighbourhood, so to speak.

Further, go into computer management and ensure that a username and profile exists on each computer to allow authentication to the XP machines from both sides,,,

Just some thoughts, check it out....

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