No 200mhz FSB

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Well I've been trying to get to 200fsb all week on my T-bird 1.33 GHz rig and it just can't do it. Anything past 192 and it will lock up after a few minutes. Oh well, I failed, but atleast I matched the Intel P4/RDRAM's memory scores in Sandra '02. I'm all ears if anyone has any tips. :)
I'd make sure more items inside your case are cooled. Ram cooling would be a bonus if you don't already have that. Putting more fans more fans and more fans also helps
Thanks for the heads up... might as well see if another case fan can be attached... though not sure about the wattage constraints. =\
Intel Chips tolerate Overclocking much more than AMD types do.
Get some Ram Heatsinks and get some good fans.. say.. Nothing over 60 CFM.. anything higher is too loud.
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