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OMG, I love this website. I just got off the phone with a relative having PC problems. She is not the most tech suave but..... I remembered this website and it saved me so much time helping her get the programs she needed. I only had to tell her how to get to one site. I didn't need to walk her threw installations etc.

I had forgotten how much I loved it.
Check it out its called

Its free for personal use.
What is does is allows you to go threw and pick the typical software that you install on your computer when you first start setting it up. You check the programs you want and download a single installer. Start the installer and walk away. Really does make life a little bit simpler for me.

It Might be useful to some of the people on this forum. I have used it for along time. I've never used it in a IT phone support call before tonight. I think I will start using again


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It seems pretty good, but I do like more control over where programs go. I don't tend to throw programs in their default locals.

I have programs that go into a Media section, Programs section, Music section, etc.