NIN: The Slip: For free, and legal!!!


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Don't know if you'll all be interested, though some of you probably will be if you haven't heard of it, but Nine Inch Nails have released their new album 100% free, in MP3/FLAC/FLAC 96/24/Apple Lossless/Wav 96/24.
Its called 'The Slip'

All you have to do is place your e-mail, and you get the links. You'll need a bittorrent downloader. It all seems a bit illegal, but its an official giveaway, but using a torrent :p

I'm downloading both the FLAC, and FLAC 96/24 offering DVD Audio quality playback.

Plus, if you go to their site, you can download 9 tracks of a experimental album called 'Ghosts', in MP3 format for free too.

Enjoy :cool:

I'm getting into a lot of music lately:

Porcupine Tree,

being the two key examples :)


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I got the last NIN album that way.

Funny thing with the last one (Ghosts) is that even though it was distributed for FREE from the NIN site, it somehow still ended up on the pirate bay.


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Well Ghosts has 36 tracks, but the free download offers 9 of them.
Plus, Pirate Bay is a torrent farm, so would have offered more peers/seeds to other users I guess, and would have still been a legal download (unless they really do what you to sign up to the mail list)

The one before The Slip you mean?

I see it as a good thing. It gets people more interested in the band, and is free advertising for them, as they know it'd find itself around anyway, but they are simply letting people do it, so more people do.

I've found a lot more music thanks to artists genorosity, and Spotify/We7.
I'm glad the way music is distributed is changing, and I'm seriously happy that more artists are releasing downloads as lossless files.

Haven't had a chance to listen to it all the way through yet, but I had to re-torrent two of the files downloaded, because they read the wrong time, and jumped.