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Just updated to windows xp......seems to me its a new way for microsoft to make you buy new products.....after attempting to load various amounts of software and some hardware i feel that this new system is a waste of time.....half of my stuff will not install...the other half installs but works erratically....problems from other xp users are so diverse that there is really not an answer on how to correct the problems that each person is experiancing......its beyond me how a company as large as microsoft can come up with an OS that is not backwards compatable with the hundreds of pounds that i have already spent just to upgrade to a system that looks good but works wonder piracy of software is so high if microsoft can get away with this system and its problems why produce an OS that will not work with previous software.......MONEY MAKING.....i am very close to sending this back and staying with win 98......XP sort it out before you sell it
Honestly, I've been using XP for over a year now and have only had compatibility issues with software written for windows 95.

XP is actually a much more stable, and resource efficient OS. I blame the software companies much more than I blame Microsoft for the compatiblity issues. Innovation does oftent require some loss of backwards compatability, the software companies should Update their software with new versions that take advantage of the power XP has at its disposal.
Well, I wasnt aying I hadnt had programs that wouldnt install, just that all the programs I have wanted to use, I was able to find an XP compatible version. Honesty though, the vast imprvements that the NT filesystem has over FAT32 are alone well worth the suffering of losing a few antiquated programs IMHO.
We go through this every time we get the latest OS. And still we forget the pain we went through last time we did this. Ah well.

Guess my latest complaint is that my old Flightstick Joystick hangs up shortly after launching Starwars Racer. A guy at Best Buy told me that you almost have to have a MS joystick for it to work with XP.

Anyone else heard that story?
HeHe im only going mental is all u would think with previous experince microdaft would get it right in the end but NOOOO
they put out a system without warning anyone that there Will be compatibility problems with Most of the previous software you have bought and leave you out on a limb chasing round the web for 5 days trying to resolve all the issues..... i was 14 stone with long hair before XP now im 8 stone and bald a public health warning should be on the side of XP

Well, I cant say much to defend it since I havent had the multitude of problems you seem to have. It seems to me that there is a work around for everything.

Let me say this though:

"Without sacrifice, there can be no innovation."
The main problem i have is i am a Mechwarrior 3 player and i cannot play it on the zone anymore just now and the differing problems from the people there are so various its of no help and yes i take your point about it being win95 games but some people have spent a lot of money on there family and a new system thats meant to be all singing all dancing which to be fair some of it is but a little insight by microdaft would have went a long way

Its not that microsoft just "didnt bother" with backwards compatability. Its just the filesystems that cause problems. Windows XP is based off the NT file system, wheras 95 was FAT (File Allocation Table) The programming of each is just so different, that its nearly impossible for everything programmed in the FAT days to work on NTFS.

NTFS has so many advantages and is so much more efficent and stable, that Microsoft has dumped FAT completely and all future Operating Systems made by them will be based on NT. (SO they say)

It is kind of the same as Gas or Electric Stoves... Electric offers a number of advantages, but unfortunatly to get the benefits of Electric, one has to purchase a whole new stove.

Innovation = Sacrifice
XP rocks with a clean install

OKay, I am not the gamer that some of you may be, but I too have had much success with Windows XP Pro (home version blows as bad as ME did).

I recommmend a CLEAN install from a FORMATTED hard drive though. I have tried updating previous software "Windows 98, 2000 etc..." and it sucked every time.

I think XP was designed really to be the end all software in mocrosoft's opinion and it really does not like other OSes or sharing it's platform on any one system. It also does not upgrade worth a crap. I run XP Pro on all ten PCs in my home and 5 PCs at work.
Ive upgraded xp pro twice on my older computer and it was such a bitch that I had to take it off When I built my new computer and put xp on I have had hardly any problems.Nothing that made it unbearable. A clean install with newer equiptment Is the best way.Not that everybody can build a new computer every time a new system comes out im just saying how big of a differance it made.Sorry about my shitty spelling.
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