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Well I've just joined this forum and so far It seems to be very well constructed and moderated. I can't wait to meet you all.

Let's see a little bit about my life. I'm currently twelve years old and will be thirteen in seven days. I plan to read every single thread I can here to learn more about computers. I have taken multiple college courses using C++ and graphics designing but I am not the best on those and I currently don't have C++ installed on my computer because of my laptop to desktop switch.

Well that's about it, I love basketball baseball and play a couple of online games.

Hope I get to meet you all soon.

Thank you for the warm welcome everybody I look forward to it.

And boy do I hate these moderator approved posts.
; )

Takes a lot of staff members to keep this place up and running functionally doesn't it?
Almost all of the moderators / admins / managers are pretty easy to get along with :tongue: It's pretty hard to get on their bad sides.
You can but after a certain amount of posts.
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