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I just bought a Toshiba a105 s4047 from best buy and I know they come with a lot of junk on them when purchased...30 day trial stuff etc...
Best buy said if I pay an extra $130 they can remove this stuff for me, the problem is I really can't afford another $130 so I was wondering if Its really difficult to do it myself?
Best Buy said that I would surely get a virus and have problems if I didn't let them do it and that I cannot install my own virus protection because it would conflict with the 30 day trial virus protection that is already on there. Can I do this myself or should I pay them to do it.
I'm pretty new at this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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welcome to computerforums!! yes, you need antivirus. when the 30 day free trial is up of whatever you have (probably norton or mcafee), you can either purchase the yearly subscription and keep up with it, or you can uninstall it, and install a free antivirus such as AVG antivirus. if you have msn premium then you get mcafee antivirus for free with your msn. the rest of the junk programs you're not going to use, just delete from start, all programs, and look under the program name to see if they have an uninstall,,,if not, go under start, control panel, add/remove programs, and remove it. besides antivirus, make sure you have a firewall and antispyware too.