Newbie/laptop hard drive replacement


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Hello all,

I'm new this forum, and I guess you can say new to world of delving further and tweaking computers. I am a computer networking major, almost done, which I mostly working with cisco devices. I have also gone through, some MCSA training, mainly with Server 2003, but I am going have to go over again.

Anyway, I am posting in this thread because my hard drive on my laptop is running out of space. I bought a new one and I am about to replace the old with the new.

Now a while ago, back on my old WIN 98 computer, I did the same thing but in a desktop. I replaced with the a western digital and it came with software, that let me copy the old drives system and data on to the new drive, pretty much like moving from the old house to the new house.

Is this possible for a laptop? My new drive didn't come with software like that, nor is it possible to connect two drives to the laptop. So I am wondering if there is a new way to do it. Or is my only option is to use the restore disc that came with my laptop and reinstall everything from my backups. I use WHS to backup my system.

I got be honest, I have never restored from a backup, and I am not sure if I understand what happening with the backup process. Is everything backed up even the programs or will I have to re install the OS and Programs and then restore from the backup.


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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it!

You can get Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image and make an image of your hard drive. Install the new hard drive and run the image disc and you should be up and running in around 10 mins. (don't quote me on that though)....LOL

Those cost money though, I don't know of any free ones, maybe someone else does.