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Hi guys, I'm putting together parts for my first build, as you can imagine I'm on a steep learning curve.
I'm concerned with the speed of the ram I should get. Auros Elite Z390 says 2666 is supported, but it lists compatible memory up to 4133. I think i got too slow RAM.
While I'm not a gamer, I may want to experiment with the full capabilites of the system. I was thinking I should go for 3200MHz. What do you think?
-Auros Elite Z390
-Intel 9700K
-Corsair 2666MHz RAM (2x16GB).
-Corsair RM-750
-MSI GTX1050Ti
-Samsung 500GB NVMe


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You don't need it at all, and even if you manage to use such RAM in some way, it will never run at full speed, as this processor allows you to use the maximum DDR4-2666.
Among other things, if You are not a gambler, You don't need it at all, and even You will never be able to use the maximum of your current speed.
Instead of buying new RAM do something smarter with this money, there is no point in just throwing it away.

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Largely incorrect.

JEDEC specs have to be adhered to which is why it says "supports 2666", but that isn't the maximum speed the CPU can run. They say up to because it really depends on the memory controller and board how high you can really go, but anything beyond 2666 is technically overclocking. It's just made easy with a simple XMP profile you can select and you're off.

If you're not a gamer I wouldn't look past 3000, 3200 tops. Anything past 3600 even for gaming systems is really just diminishing returns. Just know that when you first turn on your machine it will post at 2133 and you have to set the profile yourself in the bios.
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