New X-Fi driver!

Hey just thought I'd give everyone a heads up running X-Fi in Vista that a new drivers out. After 3 hours i've finally got it downloaded and i'm hoping the digital out sticks in this version. I've been running a year old beta driver because its the only one that was working for me!

Anyways heres a link it just came out a few days ago. Hope this one works. Would be nice to be able to take full advantage of what I payed for.
I don't know never used the onboard lol. I installed the driver and was pleased when a rebooted and wasn't greeted to the sound of a jet engine going off. For some reason every driver they have released can't support spdif passthrough and have the digital output stick and my speakers would go crazy. Only solution was to re install everytime. So I went back to there original driver.

As far as i've heard Evga's 680I intergrated sound drivers are pretty bad as well. Of course I havn't been following them to closely I mean I pay for a decent soundcard I want to use it.

FYI it sounds great in vista now. XP has always sounded good. Now I just have to download there Vista software for my Mp3 Player.