New Worm on the Loose!

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A new Internet worm has been discovered in the wild. It has been named
W32/Palyh Worm. This worm is spreading rapidly via the Internet.

About the W32/Palyh Worm:

W32/Palyh is an email worm. This worm will infect Windows systems. The worm
spreads through email and shared drives on the network.

The worm arrives with any one of the following subjects;

Re: Approved (Ref: 3394-65467)
Your details
Re: My application
Approved (Ref: 38446-263)
Your password
Re: My details
Cool screensaver
Re: Movie

The mail carries an infected attachment, with any one of the following names;


You can read more about this worm at:
This new worm has already been into my schools network twice. Im an electronics student (tech school) and from what i hear the computer science kids have been having alot of trouble keeping it at bay.
im a victim of that one. although im puzzled as who opened that email. i certainly didn't but 4 others use this computer. anyways this virus is a real pain in the ass and if anyone know how to fix it please tell me because norton scanners and firwalls arent working,

HardKore{Killa} said:
sounds lke a great worm (not) y the hell do people make worms is it just for fun or just cause they like annoying people

allow me to explain in full detail the motivations behind the creation and release of computer viruses.

There are only a few scenarios.

Yes, some people do like to just annoy people.

In other situations, viruses are politically motivated.

Some are made to attack the United States.

Others are made to attack corporations or privatenetworks.

Some Virus programmers just want to be remembered.

Others want to see their baby on the Norton Virus list.


Any Questions?
Some are also created for just experiments but get released somehow also. I've known people that have made viruses just to learn and their viruses get released.

I think the biggest reason is that people are just so ignorant that they want to harrass other people. you realize this thread is many months old from the latest post and I made this thread 14 1/2 months ago?:p

Yeah, I agree with u Slam'n Systems.

Speaking of experimental viruses... Programmers are working on a system or virii that will actually evolve.... how? By communicating to each other. That would mean that every virus taking place in this experiment would have to communicate using the same methods. So what would to viruses do if they could cummunicate? Pass on their successful code, and recompile. Devilish.

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