New System, No Boot?!? Abit Messed Up?

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Ok guys, heres the story last night I went out and did it finally bought new stuff. Heres what I got.

Abit NF8 Series MOBO 754socket w/ a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 754.

Also bought new psu.

I spent over 3 hours there talking to locals about what to get and store salesman about certain things, they said everything I bought would work out perfect.

Got home everythign went in smooth and easy no problems yes everything is hooked up. I turn it on config bios etc. and then I have to reformat since new system every1 said, so I formatted my hard drive and then when I reboot it goes right back to the REPAIR XP thing or SETUP XP now thing... it doesnt resume where I started to install XP, even if I set the primary first boot device to my hard drive through the bios.... then if i do boot with just the HDD it says Cannot Find media or something and tells me to insert system disc and press enter.... its really weird... i cant even install xp or anything. everytyings hooked up this is my second comp ive built and I'm probably just being retarded... someone help plz...

and if its not to much trouble... i bought thermal paste spread it all over the top of the cpu not really much at all but enough to cover a slight layer of the cpu, and my idle temp in my bios for the cpu says it is at 63C.... WRONG? HELP! someone plz..... i would appreciate it a lot.... parents are going crazy I spent 350$ and its not wokring they think its a waste of my time. help me prove them wrong.


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NONONO, ur CPU temp is cool. Mine runs at about 66 and is fine. It isnt that. Now have you formated or FDISK'ed? Sounds to me like you havent created a partition, and its not recognising it as a HD. If you go into the win XP setup, can you create a partition and see that there is a HD in there? Is it even showing a HD when loading up the PC? Have you connected em right? Make sure you have right cables etc. How many HD's do you have in ur base unit? Just one? Or do you have a slave in as well? If you have a slave, just run it with the main HD. Its likely you have the jumpers wrong.
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