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I'm getting some new speakers, for my stereo, not my PC , I'm not looking for good bass, as I dont listen to r&b etc and I rarely expect or want good bass, I'm looking for good overall sound quality. It is intended in my bedroom, and I am not bothered about them being loud.
I'm not sure what to look for, how much should I aim to spend??? Should I go for new or second hand, I'm not bothered about which looks better, just which should offer a better sound quality.
If new, which models should I go for, I'm aiming to spend about £100-£150.

just general help would be good thanks guys


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A good set of computer stereo speakers that you have laying around would more than likely satisfy your specs and save you some cash. If the plug doesn't fit just buy an adapter. Most of them will handle 60 to 100 watts per channel without difficulty. But if you plan on hooking them up to a stereo system of 100 watts +, then I would look for something in Pioneer or Kenwood. Now there might be a lot of better grade of speakers than these two but for overall performance, I don't think so


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If you're looking for used a trip to a pawn shop might turn up some deals on speakers. But if new Radio Shack has some nice bookshelf speakers for reasonable prices.