New ram running slower then old ram :( Help

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Ok, So I had two 512mb, Corsair ddr2, 800mhz in my pc. and I wanted more naturally.

I got two new sticks from a friend that are now in my pc, two Patriot 2gb, ddr2 800mhz. I was told they where taken from a windows 7 pc. And that the memory on them would take time for xp to "Get used to?, Or rather get setup with them" but this is really bugging me, as sometimes my pc will crash now, and I get the "Dump of physical memory".

The pc plays.......but when trying to play WoW, Fallout3, borderlands, Oblivion, what not. the load times are now taking much much longer. Is there anything I can do to help my pc? Or is there something I havnt done and need to do? ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated :big_smile:
Sounds like the RAM is incompatible with your PC. I will move this to the hardware area where it can get better attention. Since this is mainly a hardware related issue.
Correct - also sound like your friend is full of BS as windows doesn't need to get used to anything. It either will work or won't work. If it doesn't would it probably is incompatible with your BIOS or your motherboard.

You could also run Memtest on the RAM to verify if it is faulty or not.
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