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whats going on out here? im concidering learning some programming languages on my spare time. I want to get into the cis program in college but am not sure about it yet. i hear many diff. things about it. so i figure if I am going to be concidering going into that field i may as well jump the gun and learn a few things before hand. any help would be grandly appreciated. i honestly dont know where to start! :cool:


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the best way to start is to just get your feet wet.

start by making a simple program that says something like hello world.

then a program that can add two numbers together.

build up like that.


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First off welcome to the forum, there are a lot of very smart members here who can help you.
Starting off with programming is fun. I would start out with an easier language, I find VB.NET to be pretty easy yet powerful. Do what Root said and start out with the famous "Hello World" program, then work your way up. Start out by making very simple programs, then adding things to those programs and eventually working up to larger, more complicated programs.