New PowerBook in Mail

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I just got my new PowerBook G4. I put the specs down there in the sig. It just came in the mail. I changed my pic. Now I am gonna go set it up.
Ever since the advent of OS X Macs have become a viable solution for me, as I use to be a Mac hater.. now I am more of a tolerator.
I love it, I am still posting from my PC because I havent set up the internet on my PowerBook yet. I will tell u when I am posting from my Mac.
Good stuff! I used to have a G4 and loved it. Too bad im a big gamer.
I know, I am still going to use my PC for gaming. You can always have more than one comp and more than one OS man.
Yea, but i cant justify spending 2-3 G's on a comp that I cant game on.
I know but this is really portable. I think its like 4.somethin pounds. Its got great battery life too. I love it. Hopefully my next post will be from it.
No, its the little one, look at the specs. Its the small 12" screen but I still like it.
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