New PC. Why wont my passwords save?


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I got a new vista home basic machine and it will not keep my passwords even though I click on remember me on all my sites. I am not cleaning out the cookies or anything. All I do is delete offline content and history. I also run CC cleaner on occasion. But this happens if I dont do any of that either. Any ideas?


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I remembered there being such an issue on windows XP that required a registry hack to solve, but on closer inspection it seems like that's just a problem that occurred under XP home - not aware of anything on Vista, sorry. My only suggestion would be to clear out settings, cookies and everything completely to make sure nothing's got saved that's confusing IE.

It's not what a lot of people like to hear but I'd personally switch to another browser anyway - there's plenty of better ones out there...!


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Sometimes its the website. for example in chrome it remembers my myspace so i just click sign in but on computerforums i have to type the underscore in my name then its in the drop box and then i have to actually type my password