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Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on the forum in a long time, I have been busy with other things as well as re-designing the website. Please go to the website and give your suggestions and what you think a new operating system should have. The same questions are still up and waiting for you to respond to them if you wish. I would like to thank the people who have already given their suggestions to the website, your ideas have been very helpful. I am currently underway in starting to write the kernel, but I do not want to do to much without knowing what others would like to see in an operating system. So please take sometime and stop by and give your suggestions, negative and positive are welcome.


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Well all OSes should have a GUI and multitasking. :)
Are you going with full speed by using ASM only for your kernel, or simplicity by using C++/ASM in your kernel?

Good luck on creating your OS.
ASM\C++ is the thought out way, but it could always change during the process. Thanks for your input and please spread the word. I need everyone's help.
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