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Hello to everyone, new geek on the block here.

Q: I have several devices however I am looking for a tablet under 200 that will mainly be for walking trips/maps and just basic general use. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? Would really like to see some opinion/advice.

I am still learning about computers and tech stuff generally. I am an old time gamer, started back in 1994 with a game called descent which I still play with die hards around the globe. I have a custom built desk top made for me by chillblast, a lap top (for business) and an old desk top with a 15" screen running on XP which I use just to play descent on. I am a member on several gaming forums...descent underground (a redevelopment of the old game which I backed last year, due for release this year), dateiliste which is a German forum dedicated to the old descent game and Everspace another new game due out at the end of this year which i also got into as a backer.

I want to learn more, the gaming is great to relax and you do pick up a lot of info but I felt this forum would enhanced my knowledge base better.

Looking forward to conversing

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