New Macbook Pro models


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Im just wondering... i want to have a basic audio - music software set up and im trying to figure out which Macbook (Macbook, Mackbook Pro ect.) would be the most effective whilst still trying to spend as little money as possible. Id be running Sibelius 6 and possibly Logic Pro... and basic word processing as well. So would a Macbook or 13" inch Macbook Pro with its dual core processor be able to handle these requirements... or would i need to look at the 15" -17" Pro i5/7 processor models? any advice much appreciated. Cheers

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If you're just doing basic stuff, the 13" could probably handle it, but with digital recording, more processing power is never a bad thing. The Core 2 Duo systems are also pretty old. I would go for at least an i5 if you can manage it.