New Laptop, Security First


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I just bought a new Lenovo ThinkPad T500. Working on getting all the crapware uninstalled, and getting some security onto the laptop. However, I am not the most well versed person in computer security. On my old desktop, I was running Avast! for virus protection, and had the standard Windows Firewall disabled and was running Comodo Firewall. I've been under the impression that a lot of the "pay" programs are a bit better, and may be what I'm looking for to get a bit better security on the new laptop. Currently, I am running the 60 day free trial of McAfee which came with the computer.

In the McAfee Security Center, it lists the following protections for Computer & Files:

-Virus Protection
-Spyware Protection
-Windows Protection
-PC Health

That all I need for good spyware, virus, and other malware protection? Any protections processes in there that I dont really need? Anything I should add?

The following protections are listed for Internet & Network:

-Firewall Protection
-Windows Firewall Is Enabled

Now, am I correct in my information that the standard Windows Firewall isn't the best firewall to be running? Should I disable the Windows Firewall and replace it with the McAfee firewall? When I first chose which features of McAfee to install, I did not install the Firewall. Now the icon for McAfee installation is gone. Any way I can go back and add the firewall? Also, any opinions on the McAfee firewall? Would I be better off going with the McAfee Firewall to keep all my protections running in one program, or is there a better firewall out there? Comodo?

The following protections are listed for E-Mail & IM:

-E-Mail Virus Protection
-E-Mail Spyware Protection
-IM Virus Protection
-IM Spyware Protection

With everything set up the way it is now, and if I were to add the McAfee Firewall, anything else I would need? Would I be set up optimally to defend against threats?