New Laptop, Security First


Baseband Member
Just picked up a new Lenovo T500. Working on uninstalling all the crapware, and getting my security measures set up first. Not the most well versed in computer security however. On my old desktop, I am running Avast! for an anti-virus, and have Windows Security Center Firewall disabled and am running Comodo Firewall. Looking to go with a bit more security for the laptop however, and I am under the impression that some of the pay programs may provide more of what I need. Currently, I am using the free 60 day trial of McAfee Security Center for my anti-virus. In the McAfee Security Center, it lists the following protections for Computer and File Protection:

-Virus Protection
-Spyware Protection
-Windows Protection
-PC Health

Adequate protection against virus's, spyware, and other malware? Anything I should add to this? Any of these security processes that are unnecessary?

Secondly, in the McAfee Security Center, I have the following protections listed for Internet & Network:

-Firewall Protection
-Windows Firewall Is Enabled

Now again, I have been under the impression that firewall programs other than the standard Windows Firewall may do a better job at keeping everything safe. Should I disable the Windows Firewall, and install the McAfee firewall program for simplicity and keeping all my protections in one program? Comodo possibly? Any opinions on which is better?

Lastly, listed in the McAfee Security Center under Email and IM protections I have the following listed:

-E-mail Virus Protection
-IM Virus Protection
-E-Mail Spyware Protection
-IM Spyware Protection

If I were to install the McAfee Firewall program, would I then be well set up to defend against virus, spyware, and other malware threats? Any extra security I should have?