New Laptop - A Few Questions


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My mom just got me a new laptop for Christmas, it's a Sony VAIO NR Series, and the model number is VGN-NR140E/S. I have a couple questions; it says on the website that it comes with only 1GB of memory and can handle 2GB. Can someone tell me how many open slots it has for memory, because it doesn't say. All it says is it comes with 2x512MB. Does that mean to get 2GB I would have to buy 2x1GB of memory, or does it have 2 open slots where I could just buy an additional 2x512MB. Also, what determines how much memory it can handle? I would love to have more than 2GB. Is there anything I can upgrade so it can handle more? It has a Pentium Dual Core 1.6GHz processor, which I'm sure is plenty fine for running things like Photoshop. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I know it's a little out-dated computer, but we got it for $300 new in the box so we couldn't pass it up. Thanks.


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Is it hard to add RAM to a laptop? Do you have to take it clear apart?
nope its really easy actually, if you flip the laptop over, on the back you will see 2-4 small covers, holding those covers down are usually 2-4 little screws, most of the time the ram cover has little slots in it to vent the hot air out, so.. all you have to do is un-screw that cover and then you will see two sticks of ram and two slots, just pop those out, and pop the new ones in, screw the cover back on and your good to go :)


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id say easier than a desktop. just turn it off, take out the battery, unscrew the ram cover, and put in the memory