new HDD,seen in bios,Device Mgr,but not in Windows Explorer!

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I've spent all day wiping the hard drive,installing Windows Home 32Bit (after having other problems with last O.S.) installed all the MSI Utilites,drivers,software and hardware,then I shut-down,and hooked up my SATA WD 500GB HDD. I looked in the BIOS and it showed both drives..74GB Raptor Sata 5, and WD 500GB Sata 6 in the Bios.

I went to hardware wizard clicked on "already installed hardware" and chose WD500 GB HDD, it said it was working perfectly/

I then went into DEVICE MANAGER and saw the two drives in DISK DRIVES, but when I go into the Windows Explorer Folder and look under MY COMPUTER, all I see is the one 74GB raptor,where all my apps are on. I need this 500GB for storage. I must have a brainfart and too tired to realize if I missed a step in installing this second HDD.

Please Help. Thanks! I don't remember getting an install CD with this HDD.
Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'
Click on 'Disk Management' in the left hand pane. A list of all your installed hard drives will pop up, one of them should be the 500Gb drive
Right click on the drive and select 'Initialise' or 'New Partition'
Well, we all make mistakes....RIGHT?
Disk Management is my friend now and we are going out for drinks later. Thanks to all who replied. I feel like a dope.DOH! I've done it many times when reinstalling windows,but I simply had a temporary lapse of reasoning working on this wipe out, reinstalling windows,hardware,software,drivers all day and forgot to do that important task of formatting,partitioning, and mark it with a assigned letter. YES! Computer Management rocks! My Bad, and sorry for wasting everyone's time.
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